Science and Technology for better world.

Why science and technology is important everywhere in the globe.

Science and technology have become the key giant in growth of every country in the world.
The fact that science is evolving like a balloon, it has triggered the growth of technology at high rate. Revolution of many fields such as, Agriculture, Medicine, Education, Information and technology has been implemented due to advancement in science and technology. Following the fact that science is applied everywhere in all activities carried out in every field of work, people have been able to invent more things which have improved the standards of Technology and growth of a country.

great technology
better world

DEFINITION of science

Before continuing let define what is science;
science fundamentally is the study of the structure and behavior of natural and physical world through observation and experimentation.

Technology definition

Technology is an art, skill or ability which is used to create product and acquire knowledge.
science knowledge is used to develop technology and technology develops science, therefore for this reason science and technology have become an integrated term in todays world


Relationship between science and technology

Science and Technology have a direct relationship.
Science advancement has improved technology through innovations, improvement in medical and engineering tools, agricultural sites etc. Technology has improved science through research due to challenges encountered in different fields of innovations and technological development.

science as source of engineering

Most of technical knowledge used in designing of engineering tools and equipments is and development of human skills in the field of engineering is usually outcome of engineering science

role of science and technology in todays world

The role of science and technology is indispensable. In fields of work e.g: Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering e.t.c. In every sphere of life science and technology is very much needed.
without technology ( integrated with science) life would be very miserable. Just imagine of situation where there is no infrastructure, hospitality, education e.t.c. I think now you are able to see the importance of technology and science.
The most important aspect of science is that it has solutions to the difficult of difficult problems such as:
1. Infrastructure
2. Education
3. Health standards
4. Availability of healthy foods and infrastructure

Once these mitigating problems are solved, the second role is the under development in the field of scientific research and technology that directly affects the country’s economy, infrastructure, education e.t.c. These underdevelopment includes:
1. Nanotechnology
2. Defense technology
3. Space technology
4. Biotechnology
5. Communication e.t.c.